Living to eat


I’ve been eating my whole life. And I’ve been eating my own cooking for the greater part of that time, as well as feeding and (I’m told) giving pleasure to thousands of guests in the process.

I figured suddenly—I’m a fast study, but a slow learner—it was well nigh time I had a food blog. I already have several other blogs over the years, since 2002, that virtually no one, but the diehards and the most devoted of friends read. I might as well just add another, or at least give myself half a shot at fame, as fortune is out of the question, by writing about something in which most people are actually interested.

Maybe you’ll learn something. Surely I will.

I have a backlog of writing on the subject that I will gather here, to give this meal a little substance right from the start.

I’m just getting started. So stay tuned, and welcome to my virtual table!

Howard Dinin, proprietor, chef, and man-of-all-work

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